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The Coriovallum Pipe Band

The Coriovallum Pipe Band is a musical group whose aims are to uphold and play the traditional Scottish (Ceol beag) bagpipe music. The band is categorized as 3rd grade according to the Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association regulations & procedures.

Whilst appearing at engagements and competitions the band wears the Ancient Red Grant tartan and is kitted out with No 1 dress (Full Highland Dress) or alternatively No 2 (Day Dress- Barathea jacket, Tie and small sporran).

The band name Coriovallum is adopted from the Roman name for a settlement founded on the site of the present day Heerlen in The Netherlands. The motto of the band, with which it endeavours with great verve to carry out is " Pleasure in culture". The motto can also be found in the band crest which depicts a unity of Scottish and Roman symbols.

Since it's inception in 1978 the band has attended countless numbers of engagements in The Benelux, France, Germany and twice in Japan. Annually the band takes part in a number of Pipe Band competitions on the European continent and, on a number of occasions in Scotland. In keeping with this the musical level of the band is constantly rising which is also reflected in the many prizes it has won. The band, or elements thereof, have the honour of regularly being chosen to appear at NATO festivities or memorial services in the region. These engagements would otherwise be carried out by British Military bands.

Particulary memorable are the appearances at concerts given by Rod Stewart and Mike Oldfield and also the CD and TV recordings and concerts with André Rieu since 1999. At the present time the band consist of approximately thirty playing members; pipers, drummers and novices.

Coriovallum Pipe Band

More than 60 Years of Pipe Music in Heerlen

The history of the Coriovallum Pipe band originates in 1950 when the Heerlen City Police Band appeared, for the first time, with a number of pipers. These musicians were tutored by pipers of "The Black Watch (The Royal Highland Regiment)" - a Scottish Regiment then stationed at Duisburg, Germany after the second world war.

In the second half of the sixties AFCENT NATO HQ was moved from Fontainebleau (Fr) to the nearby town of Brunssum (NL). This gave the Heerlen Police the opportunity to recruit new (Scottish) Pipers, on a temporary basis, to their ranks. At the beginning of the "eighties", due to a combination of expense cutbacks and a diminishing number of members, the Heerlen Police Band was disbanded. However, the Coriovallum Pipe Band being founded in 1978 by Steph Quaedvlieg, Hein Quaedvlieg en James Verner, was there to take over the torch from their predecessors. In the year 2000 the Coriovallum Pipe Band organised an event in Heerlen to commerate this fact. This event was presented under the motto "50 years Pipe Music in Heerlen".


Band Leadership

Chanter and Stick
Steph Quaedvlieg Voorzitter
René Dammer Pipe Major
Henrico Lumeij Pipe Sergeant
Maik Ringens Leading Drummer
Click here for a complete list of band members.

Join Coriovallum and see the world!

There are always vacancies for aspiring pipers or drummers. We rehearse twice a week. Every Tuesday from 20:00 until 21:30 and every weekend, according to a fixed schedule, either on Friday evening or Sunday morning. The band practice room is located at Schiffeler in Heerlen.

Hiring the Band or individual players

If you are interested in hiring the band for a performance, please contact our band president Steph Quaedvlieg by sending an email to info@coriovallum.eu. He will explain everything about the possibilities and prices. These prices depend on how long the performance will take, the travelling distance and the required dress. (military full dress or day dress) Please mention the details of your request (date and time) as much as possible.

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